About Village Remedies

Village Remedies

Village remedies is a female owned company founded by Fiona Benjamin, a licensed clinical therapist and herbalist with over 13 years of experience in treating mental health disorders. With a lifetime of using herbal and alternative medicines, Fiona is extremely passionate about promoting not only mental but emotional and physical wellness. She is committed to having Village Remedies offer a selection of wildcrafted, safe herbal teas, skin and cream ointments, natural pain relievers, essential oils and spices.

Harvested in Dominica

Our sea moss is hand harvested in the ocean waters of the Nature Island of the world by Fiona herself! 100% ORGANIC, VEGAN, NON-GMO. 

This superfood is wildcrafted in the Nature Island of the World Dominica, an active volcanic mountainous Caribbean Island. Our sea moss is "Ocean Gold". Benefits of our wildcrafted sea moss are endless and the results are miraculous.

Seamoss contains 92 minerals out of the 102 minerals the body needs for survival.