Vitality Seamoss

Vitality Seamoss

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Our Seamoss Gel is simply pure & premium quality.

This superfood is wildcrafted in the Nature Island of the World Dominica. An active volcanic mountainous Caribbean Island. Our seamoss is "Ocean Gold". Benefits of our wildcrafted seamoss are endless and the results are miraculous: 

Contains 92 minerals out of the 102 minerals the body needs for survival.

Helps our Immune system function by suppressing molecules produced by viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Gram for gram our Seamoss has protein and amino acid content similar to those of beef.

High in iodine which is vital for  thyroid function, brain health, and metabolism.

Natural appetite suppressant & helps with weightloss

Topically used to heal skin irritation, soothe burns, eczema, and acne

Ability to reduce stress and enhance the functioning of stress response genes